I’m a dork, aspiring to be a financial dork

April 4, 2007

Today I received my copy of Financial Peace, Revisited by Dave Ramsey. Happy Birthday to me!

My birthday is in August.

This book might not make it to the weekend. When I get excited about something, I dive head first, which is sometimes a fault, but now it means that I’ll be hungry for any resource on money management or investing. I have so many big things coming up in my life that I want to be prepared for, and beyond that I just want to be a good steward. Because of my bible study’s weekly viewing of the NewSpring sermon, I started following the ministry of Joseph Sangl, another man whose desire to have financial peace led him to a ministry helping people become free of their finances.

I don’t know what God has in store for me, but right now I’m loving learning about this stuff.


One Response to “I’m a dork, aspiring to be a financial dork”

  1. Joseph Sangl Says:

    Keep learning and APPLYING this stuff, and you can’t help but win with your money!

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