Easter Weekend

April 9, 2007

You think you know what “Easter weekend” means, you know. I probably played four or five versions of this weekend in my head before Friday, and this weekend didn’t resemble any of them. And, while I might have been emotionally exhausted at points, it was good.

I hope I never take for granted the amazing people I know. I love Tim, Sarah, Melissa, and Nate. We spent so many hours playing Tim’s Wii this weekend. It’s really the simple things that open people up and get them interacting with each other. I haven’t laughed like that in a long time. Then I broke Mariko’s futon, but that’s another story. I hope I never take for granted the guys of MBYS. Honestly, I have no musical right to be playing with them. It’s cool to see people’s gifts; it’s like seeing God’s own creativity. I have no idea where Emily and I are headed, but it looks like our future includes these lads, and that’s just dandy.

My one regret for this weekend is not spending enough time talking about/praying to/meditating on/listening to Jesus. We went to the first service at the CMA where Dave spoke on how we know Jesus is still alive. First, check out Perry Noble’s sermon on the topic (Jesus is alive!). Second, I really had a hard time focusing, and when I was focusing, I was formulating my own sermon in my head of how I would have said things or presented them or whatever. Why am I so critical? This is clearly an area of growth for me as it looks like we’ll be spending at least one more year in State College, but I really look forward to it. Alas, the meaning of the holiday didn’t play the role I would have liked it to in my thought-life this weekend.

One final update: I finished just over half of the Financial Peace, Revisited book I just bought. It’s very good. It’s written in a very straightforward, motivating, practical way using Bible verses as support where possible. It’s not a devotional (it’s hard to find verses that directly pertain to mutual funds), but if you sit down with it as a practical guide to good finances and stewardship, you’ll really take a lot from it. I have some more books in the ol’ queue when I finish this one, and I hoping to get a meal with Glenn Williams sometime to pick his brain. My aspirations to become a financial dork are coming to fruition.


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