April 12, 2007

Projects are exhausting. Wedding planning is tedious. Outside projects and meetings are inconvenient.

Our bible study watched the first clip from the Unleashed Conference where Perry Noble hit a lot of topics relevant to church leaders. When you see people working hard and focused on Christ, you have to get pumped up. And, they’re smart about it. I read a Marketing book about a month ago, and to every point or perspective in the book I just shook my head, saying, “Why doesn’t the church do that!?!” It seems like NewSpring embodies some of those principles whether or not they know it. The way they handle resources, put gifted people in the right positions, work on defined objectives – it’s no stretch to make the analogy from what NewSpring does to the operations of a well-run business.

But, I never expected this sermon to affect my work. I realized that I’m managing four or five projects (everything technical is under my domain right now), but I never plan beyond the current project. NewSpring works one to three months ahead. Well, I just sent a daily report to my bosses, and I said that I want to take the time this weekend to inventory all the projects I’ve done and where we stand. Then, I want to project objectives and timelines for those projects and any foreseeable new projects for the next six months.

God is teaching me about focus. I have a tendency to jump into things motivated, plan fairly well but not completely, finish by pasting together the scraps, and present a product that’s functional but lacks the polish of excellence. I want excellence, and so does God.

Where do I see this benefiting me most? As a father and as a husband. When I focus myself on the things of God and what He’s doing, I excel. When I let things happen around me and deal with things when they come up, I tire and perform less than excellently. If I do this to my family, I give permission to anyone to kick my butt (maybe bring a posse, because I’m a big guy, though). I want to give my kids the attention they deserve. I want to cherish my wife. I want to keep work and family separate. But, if I don’t work on focusing daily, I will let standards drop, and I will shortchange my family.

Right now, I need to handle my business with projects, wedding planning, and other things that I can’t think of at the moment, because they are blessings and opportunities not annoyances. SO STOP DISTRACTING ME!


One Response to “Focus”

  1. bethfisher Says:

    I encourage you to get as much done for the wedding as you can ahead of time. When I started planning our wedding I thought, oh well we can do our own flowers, decorations, food… and so on and so on thinking I’d be able to keep things cheaper. My mom talked me out of it though because we could pay just a little more to have certain things taken care of so that we didn’t have to worry about it. The day of our rehearsal dinner and our wedding day were both very easy days… I wasn’t up at all hours of the night finishing table decorations or goodies for guests… I was able to spend time with my bridesmaids and family without too much worry about the big event… I was actually bored the morning/early afternoon of our wedding day because I didn’t have anything to do! haha anyway, all this to say, planning ahead really pays off especially for a wedding, you’ll be more relaxed and be able to concentrate on whats important!

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