Good times

April 15, 2007

Jackie came up this weekend, which was/is great. We all went to Eat ‘n Park to eat Friday night, and I found myself talking about (what other than) finances. So, we’re talking about it, and I guess you could say I felt called to give Jackie Financial Peace, Revisited. Since I had finished it sometime last week, I went home, ordered another copy, signed a little message to Pete and Jackie in it, and gave it to her Saturday morning. I consider it my first step towards financial counseling :-P.

It’s been a great weekend, though. I’m not looking forward to this week at all with work, but it was great to hang out with friends and to have an opportunity this morning to play bass in Williamsport. Playing was fun, but lunch with Spence and Beth made it a weekend.

I ordered two other books while I was online: Your Finances in Changing Times by Larry Burkett, and Halley’s Bible Handbook. Larry Burkett came up a few times in Dave Ramsey’s book. Halley’s is something I’ve been meaning to get since my sophomore year.


One Response to “Good times”

  1. bethieboo Says:

    sounds like you’re beginning to fall into your calling 🙂

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