VA Tech

April 20, 2007

Really there’s not much to say beyond what I assume you understand already. It’s tragic. It’s just heart-breaking.

Something hit me, something I wanted to share – what if an individual like this, who was so driven, wasn’t consumed by sin but was passionate about Christ? What could he have accomplished? What great potential was lost that day. And, in considering his life and inevitably his fate, we’re hit with the hard reality of hell. It’s clear he did not love Jesus; no, he hated Jesus, and now his soul is eternally apart from God. He’s in hell.

What’s harder yet for me to swallow is that people all around us are heading there. This is not a freak occurrence; it’s an epidemic. Something in us allows us to neglect the reality of the situation. Ask for the nations! Tell everybody! Do it!!! People need Him!


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