Who decided bras weren’t sexy

April 23, 2007

Watching so much TV throughout my workday, I have the luxury of seeing about a million bra commercials (…I’m NOT pumped up about this). Something I realized, though, and as a guy it’s hard to think about these things this way sometimes, was that I would feel really awkward if it was my sister or one of my girl friends on these commercials, dancing around in her bra and underwear. It would feel so revealing, but somehow we don’t really see these commercials that way, because they’re on all the time. I suppose there’s really nothing I can do about it, but it’s kind of a pain sometimes to be a guy and surrounded by all this stuff.


One Response to “Who decided bras weren’t sexy”

  1. bethieboo Says:

    desensitization (is that a word?) seems to be a problem that more of us need to be more aware of….we seem to accept a lot of things as being ‘normal’ that shouldn’t be…..i guess that’s why were called to be selective as to what we feed our minds with….

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