God blesses us with money

April 24, 2007

How much wealth is too much? Does God want us to give everything away? Is it ok to have nice things, go on nice vacations, go to expensive colleges, buy new cars…?

These types of questions pervade Christian thoughts on finances and can be at times haunting. I realized something, though, that helped me think about this kind of stuff more peacefully. As stewards we don’t own anything. We don’t own our money, our time, or even our bodies. God trusts us to manage His resources. We accept giving our time to God, whether it be serving in ministry directly or making a career to provide for our families. We also know that God commands us to rest (Genesis 2:3, Exodus 20:8, Psalm 127:2). In the same way, we understand our bodies are a temple, and God wants us to eat right and to keep fit (1 Corinthians 6:19). But, God also make food taste so good, and Jesus often shared meals with friends and made wine at a wedding.

We can make the analogy from time and food to money. God gives us blessings and comfort in the form of money just as He gives us rest from work and double fudge brownie sundaes amongst chicken (insert your own foods, if necessary). What does rest in the form of money mean to you? Does it mean spending a bit extra to go to the movies weekly? Does it mean buying the nicer brand of something just because your special someone likes it? This may be more controversial, and probably less practical to most, but does it mean saving for early retirement to spend more time with your family and in ministry?

We can’t get lazy or gluttonous with our money either. Does gathering more possessions and always splurging consume you? Go ahead and trim the fat from your budget. Find those areas that aren’t restful and aren’t serving God. Eliminate them. Plan for the future and save for what’s meaningful: Christmas presents, the next car, a house, children’s college funds.

Ultimately, it’s His money, so we need to talk to Him about it. Pray over your money if you aren’t doing it already. When you get that check or when you sit down to budget it out, pray over it and ask Him for peace and guidance. You’ll probably find that His vision will help you see past bills to the reasons we work. You’ll see payments on a car used to visit friends. You’ll see payments on a house to raise a family in. You’ll see tithes to a cause you see God moving in. Money isn’t so important now is it?


One Response to “God blesses us with money”

  1. Chris Says:

    Live life with open hands, fully knowing that it all belongs to Him. And knowing that, also know that He loves to give his children gifts. Matt. 7:11. Good stuff.

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