Wedding songs

April 26, 2007

We finally picked out the song to which we’ll dance with our parents:

Our song – “Feels like home” by Randy Newman (sung by Bonny Raitt)
With our parents – “Lullaby” by Billy Joel

I felt the man tears coming a bit, and Emily almost lost it listening to these. We’re really doing it, Harry.


4 Responses to “Wedding songs”

  1. bethfisher Says:

    As our wedding drew closer I would tear up at the stupid wedding dress commercials on tv. Wierd crazy emotions…

  2. Spencer Says:

    “feels like home” is outstanding as sung by bonnie raitt. it’s even better when performed by randy newman himself. something very raw and earthy about it. just his old voice and a piano. untouchable.

  3. bethieboo Says:

    we’re dancing to the beating of our hearts…..we feel as if someone else’s words won’t be able to convey the true love that only the sound of our two hearts beating together can convey….


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