Give the people what they want

April 28, 2007

As if you’re hanging on a thread for a new post…

I’m very tired, and I’m working on finishing some projects before the weekend. Let me lay this out in a formula:

Tired => Easily Distracted = Not Getting Enough Work Done = More Time Spent Doing Work => Getting More Tired

It’s a deadly cycle. And, FreeCell cruelly asks me to play again after each game. I’m doomed.

Tomorrow I’m getting up at 6 am for a volleyball tournament. Jill worked out details and a team from her friends, so we need to make the two hour drive to …somewhere?… early tomorrow morning to make our first game at 8:45 am. I am stoked for this. I miss volleyball tournaments.

And, finally, the update to make everyone jealous of me. I just finished a project in Microsoft Access that took me about two months.  The work on this droned on.  Anyway, during a strategy conference call yesterday, I estimated my new project delivery to be about three weeks out.  My bosses, giving me approval for both projects, decided I had done a great job, had been working hard, and that the end of this new project would be a great time for me to take a week off.  Take a week off! Just take it off! Booyah. I’m going to Disney World. But, not really.

Ok, enough distraction for the moment – I need to wrap up this last site before the weekend. Bye.


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