Abram saves the day

May 3, 2007

Genesis is one of those books everyone “knows,” but we never spend much time with. Genesis, your wisdom astounds me.

Our hero is formally introduced in Chapter 12, where we see God’s calling over Abram. He takes his nephew Lot and sets out to take what God has given him. Quarreling arises in Chapter 13 between the herdsmen of Abram and Lot, who were both fairly powerful men. Here, Abram probably could have chastised Lot or his men and lord his position as uncle over them, but he doesn’t. He decides that it would be better to split up, because the land doesn’t support both of them, and actually gives Lot first choice of land. Pretty cool, Abram. Pretty cool.

In Chapter 14, though, Lot hits a rough patch and is captured. Abram comes to his rescue! How many times do we quarrel with someone and completely sever all ties to them. Even if you’ve left on good terms, it’s hard to put yourself out there and help someone you haven’t seen in a while. Here, Abram actually gathers his army and leads them to rescue Lot. Gee wiz.

And, the icing on the cake: Genesis 14:21-23. Abram refuses material possessions and wealth to completely be above reproach for his actions. By being content with what God had already given him, he had dismissed any future accusations of false motives.

1. Abram shows leadership and compassion in dealing with disputes.
2. Abram shows strength and humility in rescuing Lot after already parting ways.
3. Abram refuses wealth that God had not given him.

Abram, you’re a real American hero.


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