Personality Test

May 14, 2007

I just took the Jung Typology Test as part of our pre-marriage counseling. I’m an ENFJ (Extraverted-22, Intuitive-25, Feeling-38, Judging-11) known as the Teacher. The personality portraits described me very well, too. ENFJ’s see the big picture and think abstractly. They often serve others while ignoring themselves to do so. ENFJ’s also are hurt easily by less sensitive people (while I hate to admit it, this describes me – I can probably knock you out, though, so I don’t really feel that girly).

Psychology is fun!


3 Responses to “Personality Test”

  1. Brian Says:


  2. bethieboo Says:

    I am ENFJ too! Extraverted-33, Intuitive -38, Feeling -56, Judging – 22


  3. […] in Uncategorized While looking for something else, I found my personality score in my archives. Since we were just talking about it, I figured I’d post a link to it. […]

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