Call me an alumn!

May 21, 2007

Take that Penn State. I finally beat you.

With the degree in hand and all the loose ends tied, I’m feeling good. The Eberly College of Science like most hosts its commencement ceremony in the BJC. I never questioned the hoods and robes before, but now I know where it all came from. I felt like I was in a Harry Potter film.

And, the big surprise of the weekend…graduation gifts!!! Having not graduated last year and sort of forgetting how big a deal it is, I completely forgot about them; I didn’t really feel like they were necessary. What an unexpected surprise, and I will certainly need to pray over it as most of it was money. It will probably go to upcoming expenses (wedding/car/furniture) or towards paying down some of my loans early. Sorry if this is too much information or I’ve been rambling about this, but I just feel shocked and blessed by this windfall.


One Response to “Call me an alumn!”

  1. bethieboo Says:

    Dude….you just graduated? WOah….Happy Graduation!!!

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