‘Twas a good weekend

June 11, 2007

‘Twas. I got my RF modulator from the girls’ apartment (so my newly acquired xbox works on my old, crappy tv), met up with Karl at Cici’s for lunch, got some new used xbox games for said xbox, returned my modem and cut off the internet, played poker with the Butler crew, picked flowers and cake (and people…that sounds cold) for the wedding, went to my first drive-in to see Spiderman 3, and came back to have dinner with my Uncle from Canada.

Only two things would have made this weekend better:

1) if I hadn’t missed Nate and Breza in State College for some hang out time after work

2) if the used xbox game boxes HAD THE GAMES IN THEM! They’re mailing them to me 🙂


One Response to “‘Twas a good weekend”

  1. michaelbreza Says:

    yea, it was too bad that we did not have a chance to chill. You missed some fun in allentown as well.
    Swimming pools, Cards, Settlers (nate bought it), beer, and horseshoes.

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