My Mom is selling the house

June 18, 2007

It’s been almost two years now since Dan passed away, and the kiddies are all out flying solo. While the house is beautiful, and we all grew up there, it’s important that my Mom moves closer to her job and her friends. She’s been juggling the dogs (not literally) and becoming involved in town for a while now. It’s time to cut out the half hour commute.

While my mom signed the real estate documents, I walked around the house. It was almost as if I wanted to catalog every detail, and the most familiar, mundane things became rich with sentiment. We still have an upside-down water cooler jug filled with change for vacations. The floors and kitchen were redone when we were still young and damaging them, but somehow I remember the excitement of slowly upgrading the house’s decorum piece by piece – the scratches in the wood floors from previous pets were still there. I remembered throwing old batteries against the cement walls in the basement with my younger step-brother. Those walls were gone, too, though, replaced by almost a decade of superbowl parties, storytelling by the bar, and Thursday night NBC line-ups with my step-dad in the now finished basement.

Wow, Greg and I really did break a lot.

Alas, times change, and I’m really excited to see what my mom eventually finds. She and I meet the realtor tonight to look at some places. I don’t expect to see an overwhelming feeling of home or a beacon of light above the right house, because it’s true: home is where the heart is. But, I do think that we’ll find something that fits her needs, and we’ll have many a Christmas gathering, baby-showering, and Graduation celebrating there to break it in (the grammar of that last part is questionable, I know).


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