Up Late

July 2, 2007

I’ve actually been putting in quite a few extra hours recently. I’m learning how to be a manager in addition to doing normal tasks, and we’ve got a huge client ready to really campaign our product to its members. It’s exciting but taxing at times. More than anything, I just miss Emily (pity party for Jon). Looks like I won’t see her for another three weeks, which makes a month total including this past week. Sigh, I just want to be married and be rid of the driving, walking to the apartment, having to say “good night” stuff.

It has been great with my Dad, though. We’re reading through Esther together, and it’s good to spend some time with neighborhood friends again. My Mom is getting ever closer to buying a new home, so I’ll be a huge help for that move. It’s strange coming back after essentially five years of living on my own to see my adult neighbor friends as equals. I still want to refer to everyone as Mr. or Mrs (and still do really), but it’s not the same, because I have a job, etc. just like they do.

Oh life, what a tangled web you weave (shout out to Pete Horning for that).

P.S. This past weekend in DC was awesome.


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