Visit to Bel-air, MD, day 1

July 8, 2007

The easy drive down to Bel-air (easy = relatively little traffic) made visiting Brian all the more exciting and energizing. Here’s the skinny followed by three insightful thoughts (not from me).

Brian and I caught up in his apartment, then got some pizza, and caught up some more, …then we re-located once more to a coffee shop, played a game of chess, after which we caught up some more. Haven’t missed a beat, though.

We hit up a local Irish Pub, the one Brian’s been raving about. It was everything I imagined and better. I met some of Brian’s friends from church – under the assumption he has more than eight friends here (Zing!). The chicken fingers looked like whole chickens, they were so big, and they were beer-battered to perfection. I now know what true jealousy is.

Finally, we headed over to Jason’s house after the pub. Jason is one of the coolest guys you would ever meet. Jason, let’s just say I would love to be discipled by you (I’m sure he’ll read this). We talked about many topics being with my occupation and leading to blogging, to Ruby On Rails, to IT/dorky jokes, to the seven-minute conversation lull/Abraham Lincoln, to the differences between guys and girls when constructing games …and the punishment/reward systems for said games, to discipleship and faith. While certainly the longest and most meandering conversation I’ve had in a long time, it was certainly among the top 10-20 conversations of the year (I’ll go there). I hope it was equally received by the other parties involved.

One interesting quote from Jason that I’ll leave you with today, though there will probably be more to come as I process everything that was said, was this: God likes this world very much, and we need to stop waiting for God to destroy it. In fact, God sent His only Son to die a horrific death and redeem this world. Jason asserted and I strongly agree that we often forget this. We sometimes fall into a mentality as Christians that we’re waiting around on Earth until Judgment Day, so we can finally be rid of the sinners around us and go up to Paradise. God likes this world. God loves this world. And, we need to embrace what God has created, his children. I hope this thought doesn’t seem pessimistic or depressing – I can’t seem to describe it how it was talked about earlier. It was intended to be a re-focusing on reaching out past our circle of Christian friends and influences to find where God is moving now and get on board with our prayers and with our actions.

Two other insightful thoughts quickly from this conversation:
– “Church sometimes becomes a safe place for Christians to avoid God and find spirituality.”
– Discipleship starts with following (and obedience). It is often a prerequisite to faith, not the other way around as we usually assume. Jesus called the disciples and somewhere as they were following, they realized, “Hey, You….You’re God.”


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