Visit to Bel-air, MD, day 2

July 9, 2007

Second day in Bel-air was a lazy one. Not a bad thing.

We did get up quite early, resulting in a measly three hours of sleep before church, but that’s alright. Brian ran sound, so we were there early for practice and stayed for both services. Don’t let this deceive you into thinking he goes to a big church; the first service had three people. I really like his church, and Stan, the pastor, gave a great sermon with some insightful thoughts. Here are two points he made:

– Nowadays we often can examine Scripture better than we can understand it. We need to be able to tell Jesus’ story in our own words and be able to feed ourselves daily with Scripture.
– Paul said, “the head cannot say to the feet, ‘I don’t need you’.” (1 Corinthians 12:21) Stan’s point was that Paul consistently described Jesus as the head of the Church, so we should look at this verse differently, which he unabashedly admitted throws a lot of theology out the window.

I really thought about the second point for a while. Essentially, God needs us. If God wants to do something, He will do it no matter what, regardless of people obeying or disobeying Him, and we’ve all had similar conversations about this and have stopped here. We feel lucky to be apart of His plan, and we should. But, it makes more sense that God chooses to need us in this way. Look around at the world. It’s so messed up, because we’ve ruined it. If God didn’t need us, there wouldn’t be such a deficiency in this world.

This goes back to Jason’s thought on day 1: God really does love this world in spite of all this. He wants it redeemed. He sent His only Son to die a horrible death to redeem it.

This is pretty new to me still, so… thoughts?


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