Fun with Maps

July 19, 2007

After playing with Google Maps for a bit to get directions for our wedding website, I found this very interesting blog.

Strange Maps Blog

Here the author reports that each of the US states/commonwealths/whatever has the same GDP as another country and replaces each state’s name on a US map with that of it’s counterpart. It really makes you feel pretty lucky to be here. He also later did an update with some additional information and some better maps.

And, some of the maps are humorous. Here’s a reason guys in our area have no reason to complain. There’s another map, which I’ll let you discover for yourself, with some interesting groupings of the US states (look for a map with “Ha’waska” as a state). As always, here’s one for the geeks or the online socialites.


One Response to “Fun with Maps”

  1. Brian Says:

    Yeah! The map of the web is an XKCD creation. I feel so ahead of the curve.

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