Web usability consult, a job I want

July 23, 2007

Steve Krug wrote a book called Don’t Make Me Think. He’s a web usability expert that will review your website and explain which areas of your site will likely confuse users. Here’s what you’ll pay him.


One Response to “Web usability consult, a job I want”

  1. His approach is interesting, as most of the time, a written report is assumed from me when I do usability testing, but could be the english business obsession with documentation as a whole (even when it goes unread, as what happens with most testing documentation!). He is largely right, verbal communication is more effective and speedy way to report/discuss usability issues. In case of design, however, I have found the Balsamiq tool a great way to communicate many usability design changes. Not advertising it, I promise! Just purchased it this year, and really enjoyed using it, and designers/developers like the output.

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