I LOVE WordPress!

July 30, 2007

Actually I’m addicted to blogging, and WordPress is the hottest thing out there.

I made two interesting steps forward today:

  1. I upgraded a blog using the Custom CSS Upgrade
  2. I installed WordPress from WordPress.org onto my company’s server

Let me explain. As you’ve been reading, I’m actively designing/writing/preparing a new blog to launch probably sometime this Fall. There’s so much to do – I’m completely overwhelmed. I’ve drooled over that Custom CSS Upgrade since Karl pointed it out to me back in April, and since my company wants its own blog launched sometime in the near future, I decided to kill two birds with one stone and upgrade my blog for $15.

I promptly asked for a refund.

Was I unsatisfied? Well, the upgrade did not allow me to do everything I want with my blog, though perhaps I could have done almost everything I envision with the use of plugins and the like. Is the upgrade worth it? Absolutely. For someone with the patience to read WordPress documentation and the desire to design, the upgrade can open a LOT of doors and completely change the way people read your blog.

That said, I decided to move to WordPress.org and install the WordPress framework onto our company’s server for experimentation. It’s great. Having designed a framework myself, I really appreciate how well constructed WordPress is and how neatly their code is written especially for the functionality they offer.

WordPress is beautiful.

Now I’m back to the “grind” working on the shiny new company blog. 🙂 Sometimes I love my job.


One Response to “I LOVE WordPress!”

  1. Wow cool site! to be honest, I am surprise of the power of WordPress!

    keep it up and hope you post more ! So that we benefit from it!

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