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Incredible Photo Editing

August 27, 2007

Sometimes the Internet simply blows my mind. That happened today.

TechCrunch fed me this in Google Reader today: I want this in Photoshop immediately. If you’re interested in Photoshop or photo editing, you need to watch this video. It’s incredible.

We actually did some of this kind of work in my Computer Vision class at Penn State.


Weird Amazon Experience

August 21, 2007

Sunday night I was reading a book I had recently received…ok, it was work/internet-related (I’m such a geek!).

Anyway, just as we were getting into the meat on page 56, I turned the page to find….page 22. Huh? I assumed it was some kind of weird duplication error, so I turned to the second page 56 to find…page 90. Doh!

I lost 34 pages of my book! Apparently, this had also happened to Brian with the same book, so he pointed me to Amazon Returns. They should be sending me a new copy now, and I got an electronic copy from Jason (Thank you!!).

In unrelated news, my Dad and I had an idea for a website focused on the Lehigh Valley. When I asked work what exactly I could and couldn’t do within the boundaries of my contract, they said I can’t do anything involved with affiliate advertising. Wah wah (comedic noise). I don’t think it will happen as a result, because in order for us to make it successful, we’ll need sizable traffic. In order to support high traffic levels, we’ll need more expensive hosting. In order to pay for expensive hosting, we’ll need -you guessed it- effective advertising. Oh well, perhaps we’ll think of something else.

Everyone is moving!

August 16, 2007

The next seven weeks will see a lot of hustle and bustle in my house (I use that term to describe 5ish houses actually, but I’m a part of each). My Mom is moving to a new house, my Dad is moving to a new office, and Emily and I will be moving to Montoursville. I just don’t know when we’re going to find the time or energy to do it all, but it’s got to be done, so it’ll happen. I’m excited for all the change.

Emily and I (well, mostly Emily) made a yet-to-do list for Wedding stuff. I really never expected it to still be so long. We keep plugging away at things, but somehow we keep thinking of more things to be done or caught up on. I’ve honestly felt myself worry a bit lately whether or not it’s all going to get done, but I know it will. It just shocked me, because (and I’m sure you’ll laugh when I say this) I don’t tend to worry about things very often.

There’s just so much to do, not to mention pay for. Somehow in all this moving and wedding planning we still need to find a car. I feel a little disdain towards cars, which is probably why I have yet to own one at 23. It just seems like the worst use of money to me, yet it’s usually unavoidable. Maybe Emily and I will get scooters. I want mine to have a flame on it.

Now I want our car to have a flame on it.

We’re moving to Williamsport!

August 14, 2007

As some of you know by now, Emily and I have officially found an apartment in Williamsport (well, Montoursville). We’re excited, and it was a nice reward after a long weekend of driving and looking at apartments. Luckily, Mrs. Fisher could make the time to drive us around and look at the apartments with us, which was a huge help. Mr. Fisher also did his part in finding our new home, when he sent some classified from the Penn College intranet to us via email. It was a real blessing to have them play-parent for a day with us.

Now we just have to get married! Haha. There’s still quite a bit to do with plans, but we’re tackling everything piece by piece. I’m excited to move, however, because the phenomenon we’ve all experienced: once you know what your future plans are, you want the future to start now. Soon enough. I think I’ll be moving the 15th of September, which I now know is a Saturday.

More to come!

When work meets hobby

August 7, 2007

I’ve really appreciated my work recently; however, I think every IT guy faces a major dilemma: what do I do for fun at home? I think most of us like what we do and are fascinated by new technology or making technology do what we want. I personally love learning more about web applications and how to build websites that look good. I like our upcoming project as it poses a big challenge in ingenuity and architecture design (database and framework architecture – not aesthetics).

We’re all just geeks, I suppose, but I’ve made my peace with that. I think once you get past your own geek denial, it’s easy to enjoy the ride.

More blog talk

August 1, 2007

I never did get a full refund of the CSS Upgrade. They could only give me the 15 credits back into my WordPress account…which I will at some point use to buy the CSS Upgrade again. Oh well, it’ll be fun to play around with that, I suppose.

I also tried to put an Alexa stat counter on this blog, because I thought it’d be funny. If you’re not in the top 100,000 sites (if I understand it correctly), the Alex counter just shows a “No Data” statement. “WHAT? Kings Pray is not in the top 100,000 sites on the planet?!” Who knew. Alas,’s SCRIPT tag blocker disallowed my humorous addition of a useless widget.