We’re moving to Williamsport!

August 14, 2007

As some of you know by now, Emily and I have officially found an apartment in Williamsport (well, Montoursville). We’re excited, and it was a nice reward after a long weekend of driving and looking at apartments. Luckily, Mrs. Fisher could make the time to drive us around and look at the apartments with us, which was a huge help. Mr. Fisher also did his part in finding our new home, when he sent some classified from the Penn College intranet to us via email. It was a real blessing to have them play-parent for a day with us.

Now we just have to get married! Haha. There’s still quite a bit to do with plans, but we’re tackling everything piece by piece. I’m excited to move, however, because the phenomenon we’ve all experienced: once you know what your future plans are, you want the future to start now. Soon enough. I think I’ll be moving the 15th of September, which I now know is a Saturday.

More to come!


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