Weird Amazon Experience

August 21, 2007

Sunday night I was reading a book I had recently received…ok, it was work/internet-related (I’m such a geek!).

Anyway, just as we were getting into the meat on page 56, I turned the page to find….page 22. Huh? I assumed it was some kind of weird duplication error, so I turned to the second page 56 to find…page 90. Doh!

I lost 34 pages of my book! Apparently, this had also happened to Brian with the same book, so he pointed me to Amazon Returns. They should be sending me a new copy now, and I got an electronic copy from Jason (Thank you!!).

In unrelated news, my Dad and I had an idea for a website focused on the Lehigh Valley. When I asked work what exactly I could and couldn’t do within the boundaries of my contract, they said I can’t do anything involved with affiliate advertising. Wah wah (comedic noise). I don’t think it will happen as a result, because in order for us to make it successful, we’ll need sizable traffic. In order to support high traffic levels, we’ll need more expensive hosting. In order to pay for expensive hosting, we’ll need -you guessed it- effective advertising. Oh well, perhaps we’ll think of something else.


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