Eagles Tickets and a Poker Victory!

September 11, 2007

The glory goes to God on this one! *Jon points to the sky*

My neighbor and long-time friend, Ben, asked me if I wanted to play poker last week. My reply? “Duh.”

So we played the other night and found out that they run tournaments with thirty or forty people every night of the week. Oh, and they’re free. Oh, and they’re within walking distance of my house five nights of the week.

Wa-freakin-hoo, baby.

Aaaand, I won. I won!!! Last night, I was on the fence about even going, but my Dad worked late, so I had nothing to do. Then my friend Ben didn’t come, so I debated some more. THEN my boss needed some stuff done before I could head out, so I wasn’t even sure if I could make it. I got there a bit late, and I stinkin won!

Then I found out what the prize was: Eagles tickets!!! YES! I’ve never been to an NFL game, let alone an Eagles game, so I’m pretty pumped. They couldn’t tell me what game they were for, and they have to contact me sometime this week to even give them to me, but boy is that sweet – I hope I can go.

Anyway, God does get the glory here. I definitely played very well throughout the tournament, but I caught about five or six lucky breaks at crucial times (good hands when all-in, hands holding up, etc.). I thanked God at just about every level (whenever I thought of it). I could barely contain my excitement when it hit afterward. Wow. Ok, that’s all. šŸ™‚


One Response to “Eagles Tickets and a Poker Victory!”

  1. michaelbreza Says:

    I can’t wait til Monday.

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