Treasure Hunt

September 11, 2007

When I was little, I liked the time driving between my parents’ houses. I used this time to think. So, now living five to six hours away from my future wife, I enjoy having the driving time back in routine every few weeks.

Sunday night’s drive home was especially thought provoking as it pertained to math. I love to think about puzzles, and math seems to me the purest puzzle – it’s an obsession at times. Anyway, I couldn’t get around this one concept, so I resorted to finding my old math book at home.

I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I searched my room, my old room, and even my drawer (each of us kids had our own drawer underneath the TV) in the family room. Nothing. But, I was determined to find it, and I realized I must have asked my Dad to put some of my old books (this was not the only old math book in my collection) in the crawl space in the basement. I had to find it.

I mustered the courage to bat away spiderwebs and entered the three and a half foot high, cement chamber. I found a box of books! No, I found about seven boxes of books! This came as quite a surprise to me, and I took my trip down memory lane. I found tons of old sketchbooks and books on various kinds of math. I even found some old Calvin and Hobbes books. What really surprised me was that I found my New Living Translation, the one I thought was a victim of the Fairmount house! Now I have two of those Bibles Haha; one is going to my Dad now :-).

Time in the post where I try to save it and make it applicable to the reader: is there a memory you haven’t visited in a while? Do you have old books or hobbies that you’ve forgotten about? Perhaps then you’ll find your own warm, fuzzy feeling that I found searching between 1 and 2 AM Sunday night.


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