Welcome to Montoursville

September 16, 2007

One night’s sleep and two car-loads of stuff later, Montoursville starts to feel like home.

I drove around a bit and found a beer distributer, some sub shops, and a Wal-mart, each within a few blocks of our apartment. What more could you ask for? Mini-golf? Go-carts? A pool hall? Granted! Spence just told me that there’s plenty more in Montoursville just waiting to be discovered.

(I must have looked like such a blissful idiot driving around today – think Brian Reagan)


3 Responses to “Welcome to Montoursville”

  1. Sean Says:

    Montoursville is a great place!! Small town living the way it should be. My parents lived out there for ten years and I loved visiting and exploring Montoursville and the Williamsport areas. Good luck and have fun!

  2. bethieboo Says:

    welcome home my friend!!!!!!! You haven’t even discovered the bestes place near you: EDERS ICE CREAM! mmmmmmmmmmm

  3. stephaleena Says:

    dude. I just googled Eder’s ice cream and your blog came up. so funny!

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