We’re here!

October 17, 2007

So we’ve finally…finally moved into our apartment in Montoursville. For good, though. Really.

Stuff is scattered throughout, but I still just love this place. And, the pieces are coming together. I forgot my wireless router at my Dad’s office, so I’m working from the bedroom now (where our modem is), but I can see our office/music room shaping up nicely, and I’m so excited to see how good the apartment looks in a week or two.

Ok, some concrete details to keep the blogging public up-to-date: we need a bookshelf and a tv stand with moderate desperation. We’ll probably be checking out a place on route 15 soon, because our friends tipped us off that we might find good, discounted furniture there. I also need to wash my office chair, because after a year at the Mount (the 2006-2007 year, not my Senior year) and a few months in my Dad’s garage, it’s quite filthy. Maybe I should post a picture….

Finally, besides just putting things away, we have our own list of hardhat fix-ups to do around the place. We have to attach a mirror to the back of Emily’s dresser. We also have to put some L-brachets on our brand-new, now broken coffee table to give it new life. Note to self: don’t sit on cheap, Wal-mart coffee tables.


One Response to “We’re here!”

  1. bethieboo Says:

    woooohoooooooo the smocks are in town!

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