October 25, 2007

You might think by the given title that this is going to be a profoundly insightful post having to do with motivation on abstract levels of human emotion. You’d be wrong.

Basically, I just wanted to celebrate how motivated I was last night to work on the apartment. The past couple nights it seems we’ve hit that one week project barrier where the initial excitement has died down a bit. Last night, however, I dominated this apartment. Dominated. I setup the entertainment center with all our gaming goodies (I got the xbox, playstation, AND cable box to work simultaneously on my old, coaxial-cabled TV – boom, baby, boom), built the two Big Lots “wooden” bookshelves, and put together the black wire bookshelf I used last year. We can finally put stuff away!

Now I just need to fix the coffeetable I broke…L-brachets to the rescue!


One Response to “Motivated”

  1. michaelbreza Says:

    You’re a funny man

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