Fighting Poverty: Any Ideas?

October 26, 2007

I’ve told this to a small number of people personally (and once here) that my passion for a while has been fighting poverty. My parents did a good job instilling in us the need to not take things for granted. I also think that poverty is one of those diseases that we basically know the cure to, i.e. if you had to eradicate one of the following from the planet in the next year, which would you have a better shot of doing: cancer or poverty?

The best way to fight poverty, in my mind, is the teaching a man to fish method. I like to dream of ways to start programs that do just this in Williamsport actually, and I’m sure there are organizations doing this around the world. So my two questions are these (and, PLEASE if you have ANY input, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE get it in the comments section):

  1. What are some of the existing organizations out there that do this? (in US? in foreign countries? in third-world countries?)
  2. What are some of the ways you think this could happen in suburbia?

What better way to show people love than to put our money where our mouth is literally. I think if you talk to someone, you reach them. If you mow their yard, you say something to them in a tangible way. If you actually help them get on their feet financially AND possibly sacrifice your own money to do it, you say something tangible about sacrifice to them. It’s got to open doors to their heart (Acts 4:32-37, Matthew 6:21).

Let’s get the conversation started. I want to do something meaningful and not theoretical in this area before I’m 30.


2 Responses to “Fighting Poverty: Any Ideas?”

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  2. Jessie Says:

    This is an amazing organization that I support.

    Another big thing I’ve thought of for women to do, is like, if you are a stay at home mom watching 2 of your own kids, offer to watch a 3rd child for free. So many single moms want to work but can’t afford day care. I really would like to do that some day.

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