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Joining a Gym

November 29, 2007

There’s been a lot going on recently. Maybe it’s just me being disorganized. There’s probably a lot more I should be posting about.

We’ve joined a gym! It’s called the Globogym Fitness Factory. It’s a pretty cool place, and not ALL the guys there are huge and intimidating. I like the machines, and they have TVs everywhere to distract me from the pain I’m inflicting on myself.


Finding a Place to Plug-in

November 29, 2007

I think I’m a little gun-shy from when I was over-involved in college, but we’ve been really hesitant to jump into anything at the church. Part of me doesn’t like this at all, but the other part of me is saying “enjoy it while it lasts”.

I guess I see now as a crossroads opportunity. I know that once I plug myself into something, I’ve made a commitment to be apart of that thing. I want to make sure that I’m listening to God on what area He wants me/us to plug into.

I’ve been kicking around various ideas on how to use my knowledge of web development to minister in the community. Spence had a very simple idea that I think is quite good: to offer web design services to businesses in the community for a bargain or simply for free. We’ll have to see how this pans out, because if you’ve been reading this blog or have known me for any length, you know I start a project and rarely finish it. This can’t be one of those things.

Expanding My Original Idea

November 16, 2007

I read this post by Perry and noted the older, wheelchair-bound man who came to church alone but came anyway.

It made me thing that my original idea might have been too small. Perhaps it should be simply a wishlist.

“I wish someone could pick me up before church, because I can’t drive myself.”

“I wish someone would spend some time with me after church, because I’m living alone and have no one to each lunch with.”

“I have kids and more than enough time on Saturdays to do something, but I don’t know who else has kids to do a playdate with.”

Or the other way:

“I have more than enough food in my pantry and just want to bless someone with a good lunch.”

What do you think? It’s great in theory, but we need an active social network to make it happen.

Interesting Find in Interface Design

November 5, 2007

[Much thanks to Brian for this find]

Power Cursor just created an interface that you can touch…online. It’s a pretty interesting concept, and I think there is potential here – that is, once we figure out how to make it attractive. It’s pretty cool.

I Digg…Muuuusic

November 2, 2007

1) Name that movie (see title, if confused).

2) The power of branding is amazing with music. It makes sense that we recognize who is talented at the craft, and we push them to the forefront (U2, Jay-Z, and Justin Timberlake all put out hit after hit). But, when those in the spotlight put out less than excellent work, their songs are still all over the radio, thanks to their credible name. Case in point: Britney Spears’ “Gimme More”.

Idea of the day: use social media to vote up/down music to determine the cream of the crop, just like a Digg. YouTube does this a little already, and I’m sure there are smaller sites taking root, but I don’t know of anything that is as widespread as StumbleUpon or Del.ic.ious or Digg, etc.

P.S. I’m glad that the Internet and technology is making it easier to get noticed and self-promote as a band. Indie forever!

Growing Closer to God in a Marriage

November 1, 2007

This will be short, but I wanted to hear some discussion on this one. Emily and I were talking tonight about how we can grow closer to God together. Like, what kinds of things can we do to further our relationship with Jesus Christ?

I’ll start it off with one we’ve already established: we pray together before hitting the hay each night. I really like it, and it’s not always super-involved (like if we’re dead tired), but it’s been great, and it’s really helped me keep specific prayer requests in mind.

What else could we be doing? Marriage couples, any input? Singles, what have you seen done?

The Giving Craigslist

November 1, 2007

Does anybody else have abandoned jewel cases from their CD collections? We generally put the CDs into a binder, which is far more practical, and toss the jewel case into a box or a closet or a [insert storage space here].

Does anybody know someone in need? Or, perhaps, does anybody know someone that could use a helping hand or an overwhelming gift of love? I remember I once thought about making and giving out banana bread loaves to people in ACF as an encouragement. I also think filling up someone’s pantry with soup and canned vegetables would show someone a lot of love.

I’ve been kicking around this idea in my head, and I want to through it out to see what people think. Basically, we could run a website where people could post what they need or what people they know need, and others could post things that they’re going to through away but someone might use (or sell).

I assume these types of things would be more easily launched if the/a church had a more established online social network…perhaps I’ll save that for a later post.