I Digg…Muuuusic

November 2, 2007

1) Name that movie (see title, if confused).

2) The power of branding is amazing with music. It makes sense that we recognize who is talented at the craft, and we push them to the forefront (U2, Jay-Z, and Justin Timberlake all put out hit after hit). But, when those in the spotlight put out less than excellent work, their songs are still all over the radio, thanks to their credible name. Case in point: Britney Spears’ “Gimme More”.

Idea of the day: use social media to vote up/down music to determine the cream of the crop, just like a Digg. YouTube does this a little already, and I’m sure there are smaller sites taking root, but I don’t know of anything that is as widespread as StumbleUpon or Del.ic.ious or Digg, etc.

P.S. I’m glad that the Internet and technology is making it easier to get noticed and self-promote as a band. Indie forever!


One Response to “I Digg…Muuuusic”

  1. Spencer Says:

    (1) Almost Famous

    (2) And I agree man. If there wasn’t an Internet, we would’ve never toured. On the flip side, I’m excited about promoting under our new band name. Lots more to do than books and sandwiches.

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