Expanding My Original Idea

November 16, 2007

I read this post by Perry and noted the older, wheelchair-bound man who came to church alone but came anyway.

It made me thing that my original idea might have been too small. Perhaps it should be simply a wishlist.

“I wish someone could pick me up before church, because I can’t drive myself.”

“I wish someone would spend some time with me after church, because I’m living alone and have no one to each lunch with.”

“I have kids and more than enough time on Saturdays to do something, but I don’t know who else has kids to do a playdate with.”

Or the other way:

“I have more than enough food in my pantry and just want to bless someone with a good lunch.”

What do you think? It’s great in theory, but we need an active social network to make it happen.


2 Responses to “Expanding My Original Idea”

  1. mrwcase Says:

    i am really intrigued by your thoughts and have had similar ideas and conversations with a few friends…over break i hope to blog and share some stuff with you

    until then, you should comment on my photo contest…we need all the participants we can get….have a rockin thanksgiving if i don’t talk to you before then…just think, this is the first thanksgiving you can have sex on 🙂

  2. mrwcase Says:

    matthewcase.wordpress.com just in case you didn’t know my site

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