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Fixing the Apartment

December 16, 2007

This apartment has really been an opportunity for me.

Things now fixed that were once broken:

  1. Coffeetable (my fault)
  2. Shower handle (not my fault, though it’s debatable)
  3. Front door lock/knob (definitely not my fault)
  4. Sprayer on the sink (broken when we moved in)

The last one on the list was certainly the most challenging. Note to all you DIY-ers out there: Pipe Joint Compound = Heartbreak. Teflon tape is the way to go (this small miracle ended a week long battle with my sink).

This break was also the most entertaining of the bunch. When I turned the sink on, the head of the sprayer shot off, turning the sprayer into a mini-gyser. It satisfied the 8-year-old boy in me that still wants anything that can explode, to explode.

And the verdict? Learning to do stuff on your own is cool. (Thus, I’m cool)

State of the apartment? After admiring my work with the sink sprayer, I started the load of dished that had piled up, whilst the sink was inoperable. I went to admire my handiwork again after about twenty minutes and almost cried when I saw water splattered all over the cabinet under the sink… but the connections I fixed were completely dry… ANOTHER LEAK!

Alas, there is a leak with the actual draining pipe from the sink also. How freakin’ frustrating is that.


Yet Another CSS Change

December 15, 2007

Hope you like the new, irreverent blog design.

If not, tough.

(talking to you, Jessie)