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Getting in Shape

February 27, 2008

As you’ve probably read or heard, we’ve joined a gym.

We talked about getting in shape long before we were married, and we both knew that once we got settled in, we’d join a gym and start eating right. We’ve kept an Excel sheet of our weekly weights to chart our success, and we’ve been trying to plan healthier meals (usually from somewhere in here).

Well, it’s been almost two months since we seriously started trying to lose weight, and while I won’t disclose my wife’s progress, I can share mine.

I started at 230 lbs, and I’ve been hovering around the 224-226 mark recently. I’ve limited myself to good meals and only water during the day, and like I said, we’ve been trying to eat well at night. I probably eat dessert once, maybe twice, throughout the week, which anyone who knows my college eating habits knows is a HUGE success for me. Over the weekend, we relax our eating habits, because we normally will eat out with people. The biggest victory over the weekends is usually to stop eating when we’re not really hungry anymore (hard to do at somewhere like Jasmine, Friday’s, or ESPECIALLY the Bullfrog :-P). We’ve also been realistic about our fast food eating. If we do eat fast food, we’ll share a drink and fries, which saves a lot of money, too.

It’s been awesome to actually build some discipline in this area. Brian’s been a big encouragement, and Emily’s naturally dedicated to anything she has her mind set on, so that’s been a huge help. It’s also given me an appreciation for how much work it takes to actually lose weight. This has had a compounding effect on my eating habits, because I know if I eat that 3 Musketeers, I’m going to have to spend 30 minutes on the treadmill to burn it off. Yikes.

By the way, besides being huge and having chiseled Greek-god-like features, my goal is to be able to dunk again. Oh yeah.

I found this exercise calculator. The one on the very bottom left was a little low I think…

Also, check out this daily calorie estimator. Some how “INCOME – OUTGO” came to mind…


Learning Our Craft

February 22, 2008

* Thanks for Mike and Jessie for caring enough to say, “Hey, start blogging again!”.

Sometimes I’m motivated by pride or insecurity about not knowing. I’m sure you all can relate.

I notice this primarily at work, but we’ve all felt it in probably every area of our lives from time to time. Compared to others I know relatively little at times about what I do. (Note: This will not be a technical blog post; please don’t be discouraged.)

Recently I’ve had a hunger to learn more about software development and about Linux, and while I recognize that some of that might be pride, there’s much more to it. Brian and I had a conversation the other day about what we’ve been working on lately, and I shared with him this new-found passion (those of you who know me translate this as “verging on addiction”). He absolutely encouraged me in this, dispelled my doubt/insecurity, and pointed out that as workmen we should be pursuing excellence in our field.

Where am I going with this? Two thoughts:

1. I really want to learn about good programming practices, and I want to learn how to use Linux to setup web and file servers.

This would push me to be more rounded, and it would also allow me to setup some things to be more productive. I’ll try to do this without the prideful, nagging, “You’re supposed to be good at computers” voice I sometimes hear in my head. By the way, does anyone have an old, cheap computer I can buy to play around with?

2. I need to spend more time in the Word.

I felt very convicted when I realized how much I’ve been reading for work and for play and how little I’ve been reading God’s Word. I should strive to know it inside and out, and right now I’m simply trying to get through my measly few chapters a week. It’s really pathetic. I shouldn’t feel like a fish out of water when trying to articulate something about Faith. I should feel more confidence in my knowledge of the Word, still ever learning, and ever vigilant to speak to God and be challenged.

Just some things that have been on my heart recently.

My Favorites

February 21, 2008

I’m continuing the chain.

My favorite song this year: Argh, no way I’ll think of this one…best snap answer: anything off the new Jimmy CD and the new Justin Timberlake (I hated his old stuff, too; just give this one a chance – Track 05)

My favorite team: Penn State

My favorite food: Pizza, then Steak (oo, whatever the House Special at Fago de Chao was)

My favorite place to be: Home, I suppose, wherever that is at the time (and my two parents’ houses)

My favorite person to fight: Physically, Mike Tukeva. Verbally, Brian Blanchard.

My favorite obsession: So many to choose from…How about just the current one? Programming and Linux

My favorite alcoholic drink: Rum, but I’m definitely still figuring this one out. I do appreciate a good Whiskey Sour (or a good Whiskey for that matter).

My favorite drink: Wild Cherry Pepsi

My favorite restaurant: Bullfrog

My favorite shoes: I always end up buying Reeboks

My favorite place to visit: Washington, DC. Not sure why, but I did it every year as a kid.

My favorite female blogger: Hard to say, but it reminded me of this girl: Super Fast Reader

My favorite male blogger: Again, hard to say…probably Seth Godin

My favorite clothing: Canyon River Blues jeans (may have changed the name)

My favorite TV show: Futurama

My favorite game: I love all games. Settlers seems to offer the right blend of unique rules, strategy, and luck (and cut-throated-ness).

My favorite card game: Omaha 8/Better, but I love any card game except for 500 Rummy (and even that I will happily play)

My favorite drug: I hate putting foreign substances in my body, so none. uh…but I can choose Dramamine, because it’s fun to say.

My favorite color: Blue. Did you think I’d say Orange?

My favorite book: Romans :-D. But I did really like Pokerface

My favorite website: I guess SEOmoz, if I’m not allowed to pick a Google Service. However, this site is VERY addictive.

My favorite person to laugh with: Nate Reed

My favorite person to tease: Jessie

My favorite pitch/set back partner: Mike Tukeva

My favorite game to hustle: Spades

My favorite sport to play: Volleyball with Basketball and Football very close seconds

My favorite poker hand: AK suited…why not

My favorite person to nap with: Emily Smock, oh yeah

My favorite video game: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

My favorite thing to fry: Oreos

My favorite dog: Friend of the Family’s dog (forget the name) but the Fisher’s Angus is making a run at it

My favorite movie: I’m taking this a few ways, so here’s a breakdown:

  1. Most watched movie (by far): Ocean’s Eleven
  2. Movie that gets me most Jones-ed up: Rounders
  3. But, my all time favorite: Shawkshank Redemption

My favorite holiday: Christmas. I mean presents, family, food, and the birth of a Savior! Life couldn’t get better (not in that order).

My favorite candy: 3 Musketeers

My favorite day: Sunday

My favorite place to sleep: The sectional we had Junior year in Hetzel

My favorite thing to do: Do anything with friends (especially if there’s a meal in there somewhere)