My Favorites

February 21, 2008

I’m continuing the chain.

My favorite song this year: Argh, no way I’ll think of this one…best snap answer: anything off the new Jimmy CD and the new Justin Timberlake (I hated his old stuff, too; just give this one a chance – Track 05)

My favorite team: Penn State

My favorite food: Pizza, then Steak (oo, whatever the House Special at Fago de Chao was)

My favorite place to be: Home, I suppose, wherever that is at the time (and my two parents’ houses)

My favorite person to fight: Physically, Mike Tukeva. Verbally, Brian Blanchard.

My favorite obsession: So many to choose from…How about just the current one? Programming and Linux

My favorite alcoholic drink: Rum, but I’m definitely still figuring this one out. I do appreciate a good Whiskey Sour (or a good Whiskey for that matter).

My favorite drink: Wild Cherry Pepsi

My favorite restaurant: Bullfrog

My favorite shoes: I always end up buying Reeboks

My favorite place to visit: Washington, DC. Not sure why, but I did it every year as a kid.

My favorite female blogger: Hard to say, but it reminded me of this girl: Super Fast Reader

My favorite male blogger: Again, hard to say…probably Seth Godin

My favorite clothing: Canyon River Blues jeans (may have changed the name)

My favorite TV show: Futurama

My favorite game: I love all games. Settlers seems to offer the right blend of unique rules, strategy, and luck (and cut-throated-ness).

My favorite card game: Omaha 8/Better, but I love any card game except for 500 Rummy (and even that I will happily play)

My favorite drug: I hate putting foreign substances in my body, so none. uh…but I can choose Dramamine, because it’s fun to say.

My favorite color: Blue. Did you think I’d say Orange?

My favorite book: Romans :-D. But I did really like Pokerface

My favorite website: I guess SEOmoz, if I’m not allowed to pick a Google Service. However, this site is VERY addictive.

My favorite person to laugh with: Nate Reed

My favorite person to tease: Jessie

My favorite pitch/set back partner: Mike Tukeva

My favorite game to hustle: Spades

My favorite sport to play: Volleyball with Basketball and Football very close seconds

My favorite poker hand: AK suited…why not

My favorite person to nap with: Emily Smock, oh yeah

My favorite video game: Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater

My favorite thing to fry: Oreos

My favorite dog: Friend of the Family’s dog (forget the name) but the Fisher’s Angus is making a run at it

My favorite movie: I’m taking this a few ways, so here’s a breakdown:

  1. Most watched movie (by far): Ocean’s Eleven
  2. Movie that gets me most Jones-ed up: Rounders
  3. But, my all time favorite: Shawkshank Redemption

My favorite holiday: Christmas. I mean presents, family, food, and the birth of a Savior! Life couldn’t get better (not in that order).

My favorite candy: 3 Musketeers

My favorite day: Sunday

My favorite place to sleep: The sectional we had Junior year in Hetzel

My favorite thing to do: Do anything with friends (especially if there’s a meal in there somewhere)


2 Responses to “My Favorites”

  1. Jessie Says:

    so glad you’re blogging again. why does everyone pick me for favorite person to tease?

  2. michaelbreza Says:

    hustlin’ at spades…the good old days.

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