Being Honest with Myself in Ministry

April 6, 2008

Here are some questions that you should ask yourself about your ministry, put up by LifeChurch. Honestly, #2 is a struggle, and #10 both by association (to #2) and on its own.

Funny how when life is good, you struggle with your Faith, with keeping it real and in the forefront. I don’t want an autopilot Faith, not with Jesus, so if you could, please pray that I’d be tested soon.

P.s. it took me a lot to actually write this, because….life is good right now.


One Response to “Being Honest with Myself in Ministry”

  1. mrwcase Says:

    thanks for posting that list…definitely some things to think about and certainly gives me some things to thing about as well

    i pray that God puts your faith to the test this week…keep me posted

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