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In Case You Didn’t Know Where My Ringtone Comes From

May 29, 2008

How’s that for a title:

“Heart Transplant” by Punchline.

The singer from fall out boy comes out and sings a chorus.


Strange Links in WP

May 22, 2008

Anyone else getting bizarre incoming links to their WordPress blog?

Believe it or not, I still sometimes check the stats on this blog. This time I noticed that I had two incoming links from blogs NOT on my blogroll, Poker News and Hottags. These are known as “scrapers”. They scrape the content on other blogs and publish it on another site (typically another blog). Generally, though, they do it to popular blogs and pass off the content as their own (for search engine rankings). These, however, linked back to my blog as the source.

The catch: they were covered in Google Ads. I suppose the idea is to have these bots quote smaller blogs, talk them up (they repeatedly said how great my post was), and link to them, hoping the author will follow the backlink and click the Google Ads. Seems kinda weak, but if they get enough people to click, they have a profitable scam on their hands.


New Workout

May 21, 2008

So, we basically finished up our last workout, and we decided to change it up and find something different. I found this incredible database of workouts. It’s great. I told it that we want a 3 day workout that builds muscle and tones, and that we want it to be a split-body-part workout (which means each day we focus on a different area of the body, instead of doing every part everyday). This is the workout it spit out.

We’ve really liked this new workout, and I’m glad there’s more chest stuff, because I feel that’s where I’m weakest. You’ll notice that there are like 3 exercises for each part (bicep, etc) on the day you work that muscle, which kills, but it’s really been awesome.

As a sidenote, I saw the coolest thing on TV a couple days ago: Ninja Warrior. I want to do that! Here’s a video of the competition they train for.

Poker Blog Started

May 21, 2008

Alright, so I’m guessing 70-80% of you (ballpark, since I’m unsure exactly how many people really read this) are sick of me talking about poker. So I started another blog to track my poker progress.

I mean, it was already getting way too crowded on this blog with all the posts I’m pumping out… Now, if you’re even remotely interested, you can pop over there at your leisure or RSS-and-forget it.

Also, I’m just now realizing that I’ve been blogging for over a year now. I’ve never done that (tried 2 or 3 times before – anyone remember Xanga?). Here’s my first real post. If you’re a blogger, go ahead and check out some of your early posts. How different are they? 🙂 Neat.

Poker Update

May 20, 2008

I’ve finally hit the $5 mark! It may not seem like much, but it took a long time :-P. It feels good to make progress. I won’t be able to move up to .05/.10 blinds until I have over $12, but it’s still progress.

I also am starting an excel sheet to keep track of my balance each day. Hopefully we’ll see a trend similar to my last post’s graph ;-).

Back to Poker

May 18, 2008

So I’ve started to play poker online again. I know you’ve got about a hundred reactions to that sentence (please comment them :-D).

I love poker. I love poker, because I love games, and I love puzzles. I enjoy reading about game-theory, and whether or not perfect play in checkers means a draw (as opposed to white or black having an inherent advantage). While I’m not very good at it, chess strategy is fascinating.

Yeah, I’m a dork. You knew it already, but perhaps not in its full magnitude. All that is to say that I own seven (7) poker strategy books.

Those books served me well, though. Not only did I learn a lot about general game-theory and gambling, I actually made money. Just ask Brian how much I played Junior year (a lot). Thanks to a few big wins at some key tournaments, I managed to win a few hundred dollars (perhaps even over a thousand). That was done over many months and many hours.

I think the biggest thing poker has taught me has to do with discipline. If you’ve seen Rounders, you’ve heard poker described as a grind. Well, it is. And, I still haven’t learned it like I should. Here’s why I know:

I got the bug to play online again about two weeks ago, so I asked Emily if it would be alright to put $25 online again. I did very well at first, and the next night I had $80. But, as you probably would have guessed, I entered a $20 tournament and didn’t place, I went on a bad streak, and sooner or later I had about 90 cents in my account. Pretty rough.

Just like in personal finance (and really most other things in life) you need to guard yourself against the big loss or the worst case scenario whenever you can. So, now I’m down to the lowest limits on the site (.02/.04 => 1 and 2 cent blinds). This is a grind, but I’m determined to build back up. I know I can do it, and I just need to resist moving up the stakes until I’ve got enough in my account to do so.

Yeah, poker has taught me a lot about patience and waiting for something, about working hard and for a long time to achieve a goal slowly. I don’t envy the professionals.


Here’s one thing I found that I thought was pretty neat. Chris Ferguson, one of my favorite poker players (because he’s a math geek, too), turned $0 to $10,000. He started out by playing a bunch of freerolls online, until he actually won and could actually buy-in on a normal table. He spent several months building his bankroll slowly (see graphic below), but he finally got to $10,000 after about nine months. It was just an experiment of his, and he donated it all to the Save the Children Foundation. Pretty cool.

My Personality Type

May 16, 2008

While looking for something else, I found my personality score in my archives. Since we were just talking about it, I figured I’d post a link to it. 🙂

Branding and My Long-Lasting Antipathy towards Comcast

May 12, 2008

Seth Godin posted about Brand Tags today. It’s kind of neat (I’m sure Jessie will especially like it). You’re asked to give a one word or phrase response to a brand. Then you get to see what others said.

Then I saw Comcast on the list. My sentiments exactly.

Domination! Shoot the Moon to Win!

May 1, 2008

Take that…work.