New Workout

May 21, 2008

So, we basically finished up our last workout, and we decided to change it up and find something different. I found this incredible database of workouts. It’s great. I told it that we want a 3 day workout that builds muscle and tones, and that we want it to be a split-body-part workout (which means each day we focus on a different area of the body, instead of doing every part everyday). This is the workout it spit out.

We’ve really liked this new workout, and I’m glad there’s more chest stuff, because I feel that’s where I’m weakest. You’ll notice that there are like 3 exercises for each part (bicep, etc) on the day you work that muscle, which kills, but it’s really been awesome.

As a sidenote, I saw the coolest thing on TV a couple days ago: Ninja Warrior. I want to do that! Here’s a video of the competition they train for.


One Response to “New Workout”

  1. marikolynn Says:

    With the whole Ninja Warrior thing…you’re basically wishing that you were me…thats what I thought 🙂

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