Strange Links in WP

May 22, 2008

Anyone else getting bizarre incoming links to their WordPress blog?

Believe it or not, I still sometimes check the stats on this blog. This time I noticed that I had two incoming links from blogs NOT on my blogroll, Poker News and Hottags. These are known as “scrapers”. They scrape the content on other blogs and publish it on another site (typically another blog). Generally, though, they do it to popular blogs and pass off the content as their own (for search engine rankings). These, however, linked back to my blog as the source.

The catch: they were covered in Google Ads. I suppose the idea is to have these bots quote smaller blogs, talk them up (they repeatedly said how great my post was), and link to them, hoping the author will follow the backlink and click the Google Ads. Seems kinda weak, but if they get enough people to click, they have a profitable scam on their hands.



4 Responses to “Strange Links in WP”

  1. Spencer Says:

    this has happened to me a couple times, although its usually when i talk about sports or movies. i always get excited, but then disappointed. sucky.

  2. karlo Says:

    it’s a new feature from wordpress called “possibly related posts”. they started it last month. the idea is like the menu that pops up at the end of youtube videos – at the end of your posts it gives you 3 posts that might be related to your content.

    you can turn it off in the design tab of your admin bar, but you’ll lose the traffic, too. here’s the PR link about it:

  3. Jonathan Says:

    Actually I was talking about the incoming links section in the admin section.

  4. stephaleena Says:

    I have no comment regarding this post. I just wanted to say hi.

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