Chinese Kitchen, My Old Friend

July 14, 2008

As my close friends know, I love Chinese Kitchen in State College. They have the best chinese in town and for the best price. The Collegian even wrote an article (poorly) on it.

I started going there Freshman year, but I’m sure I hit up Chinese Kitchen every week Sophomore and Junior years, usually twice. Yeah, it’s that good. It didn’t take long for the cook to know my order (I got chicken and broccoli with fried rice and wonton soup every time). He just smirked and rang it up when I entered the door.

If that wasn’t enough, I took Emily there for our first date. The cook smiled, and I’m pretty sure he knew what was going on. We went there many times Senior year and the year after, especially for romantic occasions. We were planning on going there for our 1st anniversary in October.

But, yesterday marked an extraordinarily sad day when I heard my beloved Chinese Kitchen is no longer sitting there next to the once Crowbar and McLanahan’s. There was no note of where they’ve moved or anything.

If you know anything about where it went, if it moved, or anything about why or when it closed, please let me know!

Image from Flickr


2 Responses to “Chinese Kitchen, My Old Friend”

  1. Jessie Says:

    oh no jon! i’m so sorry! you really did love that place! and it was so convenient when we lived in hetzel plaza too! oh man nostalgia, i hope you find out what happened. do you think your move to williamsport put them out of business?

  2. Jonathan Says:

    I would cry.

    I do wish I had stats on how many times I went there. Sigh

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