Politics, bleh.

August 20, 2008

I totally agree with Seth Godin today:

The reliance on negative stories in politics makes me sick. I think we should be above that. The fact that negative stories have influenced every election of my lifetime, though, means that I’m wrong, we’re not above it.

It physically makes me sick thinking about it. I just want to shake somebody and scream, “Stop! You’re hurting us.”

Why do they have to resort to tearing each other down? Isn’t it an obvious lose-lose? We have to choose one of them, but if both of them have all these flaws, they are both a mistake. It makes us feel dumb, and it forces the eventual President to overcome a handicap right from the beginning.

Future Presidential candidates, don’t hurt the American public! Maybe John Stewart could step in here.


One Response to “Politics, bleh.”

  1. mrwcase Says:

    dude, that story about you almost wrecking in utah is crazy!

    that part of the state is so strange but sweet

    hope all is well with you and the wifey…i hope to visit the port sometime this fall 🙂

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