TechCrunch Web Tablet

September 2, 2008

I’ve been blabbing for weeks now about TechCrunch’s dead-simple web tablet. The gist is that they’re trying to build one for $200. Sweet.

Well, they updated us on their progress. It seems they have the hardware just about locked down, and they’re shifting development to the software and UI.

I’m glad to hear an update, since I’ve been telling anyone who wanted to listen (and many who didn’t) about this. I’m pumped.

Check out the picture here.

P.s. I went through the Google Chrome comic this morning (it’s really long – think comic book), and it looks pretty sweet. I feel conflicted saying that, because I love my precious Firefox. I don’t think I’ll be switching any time soon.


One Response to “TechCrunch Web Tablet”

  1. mrwcase Says:

    give it time…google will take over the world

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