Music Update

October 3, 2008

I’ve really been digging Death Cab for Cutie lately. Wierd, huh? Check out Summer Skin.

Also, check out Yes by Coldplay. I can’t take how good that song is.

Also, does anyone read this blog anymore? (If so, go comment on this post – Thanks! …I guess it’s pretty lame to beg for comments….well, we all already know I’m lame. No loss there.)


9 Responses to “Music Update”

  1. Brian Says:

    Check out Grapevine Fires ( So good…

  2. karl Says:

    getting into that whole deathly/halloween/emo mood again, huh?

  3. marikolynn Says:

    ooo ooo oo I do

  4. Jon Smock Says:

    @Brian: That video was sweet

    @Karl: I’m always in an emo mood.

    @Mariko: You freakin rock. We need to hang out soon.

  5. Brian Says:

    Karl, just because you’re afraid of things like feelings, long hair, and uncomfortably tight striped clothing doesn’t mean you can mock emo.

  6. mrwcase Says:

    quit being emo and design a visually stimulating site…it is what you do…get on it 🙂

  7. Jon Smock Says:

    alas it costs money to do that! Only $15, admittedly, but I’m ok just using a template.

  8. Jon Smock Says:

    Also, there will be an announcement soon for a site I designed…let that tease you for a bit.

  9. Jessie Says:

    i read.

    and I SAIL!

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