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Beer Book: Saranac English Pale Ale

April 11, 2008

For our second offering to the Beer Book, we have a Saranac English Pale Ale.

I wouldn’t recommend this beer over some others I’ve had recently, but it’s definitely drinkable. It does have a fruity punch of flavor upfront and finishes crisp. It’s not as “Pale Ale”-ish as I expected; I’m a little let down. High on smoothness, low on bitterness.

Let’s hope the other Pale Ales in the batch kick it up a notch.


Beer Book: Harpoon’s UFO Hefeweizen

April 9, 2008

Welcome to a new segment here at Kings Pray: the Beer Book. This was originally intended to be something Brian and I kept up on via mail, but since that hasn’t happened, hopefully this will make it happen to some extent. Hope you approve, Brian.

For the first tasting, I have a UnFiltered Offering (UFO) from Harpoon. I really liked this hefeweizen. It was wheaty but definitely not too wheaty, and it was only mildly bitter. It was refreshing. Obviously I need to work on my beer descriptions.

I recommend this beer to anyone that likes a lighter-colored beer. Don’t be afraid, if you don’t normally like a hefeweizen, because it’s not nearly as bitter.