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USB Missile Launcher

August 28, 2008

Yes, you read that correctly. For just $29.99 you can have your very own USB Missile Launcher. If only I had co-workers…

What would you do with it?


Spam Filters

July 9, 2008

I always wondered how spam filters were so good at finding spam and avoiding good emails. Paul Graham apparently figured the whole thing out a while ago. If you’re interested, check out his somewhat technical explanation of spam filters.

If not, here’s the gist:

Take 4000 spam emails and 4000 good emails. Figure out how often words appear in both categories. For instance, “hiking” would probably appear only in the good emails, while terms like “sexy” would appear almost entirely in the spam emails. Then based on that information, calculate the chances that a new email is spam based on which words are contained in it. Paul Graham noted that an email with the words “sex” and “sexy” is 99.97% likely to be spam.

Oldie but Goodie…well…

April 3, 2008

A quip about love.

And, if it wasn’t bad enough, further evidence that I’m a total dork.

Yet Another CSS Change

December 15, 2007

Hope you like the new, irreverent blog design.

If not, tough.

(talking to you, Jessie)

Finding a Place to Plug-in

November 29, 2007

I think I’m a little gun-shy from when I was over-involved in college, but we’ve been really hesitant to jump into anything at the church. Part of me doesn’t like this at all, but the other part of me is saying “enjoy it while it lasts”.

I guess I see now as a crossroads opportunity. I know that once I plug myself into something, I’ve made a commitment to be apart of that thing. I want to make sure that I’m listening to God on what area He wants me/us to plug into.

I’ve been kicking around various ideas on how to use my knowledge of web development to minister in the community. Spence had a very simple idea that I think is quite good: to offer web design services to businesses in the community for a bargain or simply for free. We’ll have to see how this pans out, because if you’ve been reading this blog or have known me for any length, you know I start a project and rarely finish it. This can’t be one of those things.

Interesting Find in Interface Design

November 5, 2007

[Much thanks to Brian for this find]

Power Cursor just created an interface that you can touch…online. It’s a pretty interesting concept, and I think there is potential here – that is, once we figure out how to make it attractive. It’s pretty cool.

Treasure Hunt

September 11, 2007

When I was little, I liked the time driving between my parents’ houses. I used this time to think. So, now living five to six hours away from my future wife, I enjoy having the driving time back in routine every few weeks.

Sunday night’s drive home was especially thought provoking as it pertained to math. I love to think about puzzles, and math seems to me the purest puzzle – it’s an obsession at times. Anyway, I couldn’t get around this one concept, so I resorted to finding my old math book at home.

I couldn’t find it anywhere.

I searched my room, my old room, and even my drawer (each of us kids had our own drawer underneath the TV) in the family room. Nothing. But, I was determined to find it, and I realized I must have asked my Dad to put some of my old books (this was not the only old math book in my collection) in the crawl space in the basement. I had to find it.

I mustered the courage to bat away spiderwebs and entered the three and a half foot high, cement chamber. I found a box of books! No, I found about seven boxes of books! This came as quite a surprise to me, and I took my trip down memory lane. I found tons of old sketchbooks and books on various kinds of math. I even found some old Calvin and Hobbes books. What really surprised me was that I found my New Living Translation, the one I thought was a victim of the Fairmount house! Now I have two of those Bibles Haha; one is going to my Dad now :-).

Time in the post where I try to save it and make it applicable to the reader: is there a memory you haven’t visited in a while? Do you have old books or hobbies that you’ve forgotten about? Perhaps then you’ll find your own warm, fuzzy feeling that I found searching between 1 and 2 AM Sunday night.

Changing It Up

September 2, 2007

Alrighty, it’s time. It’s time I change the layout of this blog. As you’ve been reading, I could not refund my CSS Upgrade, so I’m using it on this blog. Also, there’s no way I’ll be able to run another blog, seeing as I can’t even post daily on this one :-P. SO, look forward to some fun changes to the design of this as I start having fun with design and layout and stop taking blogging so seriously :-).

Incredible Photo Editing

August 27, 2007

Sometimes the Internet simply blows my mind. That happened today.

TechCrunch fed me this in Google Reader today: I want this in Photoshop immediately. If you’re interested in Photoshop or photo editing, you need to watch this video. It’s incredible.

We actually did some of this kind of work in my Computer Vision class at Penn State.

Elton John improvisation video

July 13, 2007

I found this video today. Here Elton John is challenged to put music to some rather peculiar lyrics…