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Easter Goodness

March 24, 2008

He lives!

What a tremendous weekend, starting with Friday’s showing of Passion of the Christ, Good Friday service, and an awesome trip to the Lodge. Saturday the fun didn’t stop: I got to shoot my first real gun, we had a great worship practice, I got to see my family at Quaker Steak for our Easter meal (oh yeah!), and I got a computer from my Dad’s crawl space. Yesterday finally offered some rest from the busyness…but not much as we got to assimilate into the Fausnaught family Easter celebration with its countless dishes, desserts, dogs, kids, Easter eggs, and March Madness/Pinochle goodness.

Yesterday was specifically a great day. I really appreciate those friendships, and it felt really good to be away from home but still be a part of a family. Thanks Fausnaughts for your love. It was neat to hang out with Spence and Beth all day. For as close as we live, I can never really get enough of them, and it was nice to be the two lone, young couples surviving the torrent of Fausnaught family-related bustle.

And now, onward to another busy week full of traveling and losing the extra Easter poundage (man, those peanut butter eggs rocked, Beth).