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Politics, bleh.

August 20, 2008

I totally agree with Seth Godin today:

The reliance on negative stories in politics makes me sick. I think we should be above that. The fact that negative stories have influenced every election of my lifetime, though, means that I’m wrong, we’re not above it.

It physically makes me sick thinking about it. I just want to shake somebody and scream, “Stop! You’re hurting us.”

Why do they have to resort to tearing each other down? Isn’t it an obvious lose-lose? We have to choose one of them, but if both of them have all these flaws, they are both a mistake. It makes us feel dumb, and it forces the eventual President to overcome a handicap right from the beginning.

Future Presidential candidates, don’t hurt the American public! Maybe John Stewart could step in here.


So much hurt in the World

August 13, 2008

Haven’t looked at this in a while.

Chinese Kitchen, My Old Friend

July 14, 2008

As my close friends know, I love Chinese Kitchen in State College. They have the best chinese in town and for the best price. The Collegian even wrote an article (poorly) on it.

I started going there Freshman year, but I’m sure I hit up Chinese Kitchen every week Sophomore and Junior years, usually twice. Yeah, it’s that good. It didn’t take long for the cook to know my order (I got chicken and broccoli with fried rice and wonton soup every time). He just smirked and rang it up when I entered the door.

If that wasn’t enough, I took Emily there for our first date. The cook smiled, and I’m pretty sure he knew what was going on. We went there many times Senior year and the year after, especially for romantic occasions. We were planning on going there for our 1st anniversary in October.

But, yesterday marked an extraordinarily sad day when I heard my beloved Chinese Kitchen is no longer sitting there next to the once Crowbar and McLanahan’s. There was no note of where they’ve moved or anything.

If you know anything about where it went, if it moved, or anything about why or when it closed, please let me know!

Image from Flickr

End of an Era

April 2, 2008

This post comes via Brian:

Pure Tragedy.

Why can’t I sacrifice

September 20, 2007

If you check Perry Noble’s message “Going for it” (here), you’ll hear him say that today’s breed of Christian wants to advance the Gospel but does want to sacrifice anything to do it. This hit home with me.

I was reminded of the other night at poker. Because the same thirty to forty people come multiple days a week, you get to know names and faces; you get to start building relationships with your new poker buddies. Well, I started talking to two people on the end of my table, and we were having a really good time. Finally, the girl opened up her purse and said, “Do you want to see my card protector?” She pulled out a pin-button that had some remark about how women were better than men or something which was fairly humorous.

Then she pulled out a second pin-button that said something mocking the idea of organized religion. Now, if you’re from a Churched background, you might say, “right on”, and think that she was rebelling against the letter of the law, hypocritical, condescending Church mentality that you see in some churches today. No, she was against all religion.

The guy next to her quickly agreed; I didn’t say a word.

I missed a great opportunity. Why couldn’t I speak? Yeah, I had just met them, and I didn’t want to put strain on the new relationship. Yeah, I didn’t want to get into a heated debate over the validity of Jesus Christ, especially when that debate could lead to ill feelings left over for the rest of the sitting experience.

Or, maybe I was just scared.

While it was a combination of both, Perry’s message really spoke to me. He said that we’re scared to sacrifice, when Jesus Christ sacrificed it all.

What are you not willing to sacrifice? Is it worth it?

Movie I found through another blog

April 25, 2007

Thanks Chris Thomas for commenting on my blog post (if you ever read this again).

I found this through his blog: Maxed Out.

I linked you right to the trailer page, because the flash intro on the main page is ridiculously long. Amazon said it comes out in June. Some parts of the trailer seem a little hyped, but for the most part it’s real. This movie isn’t for the weak hearted. It is just sad, like watching something die.

VA Tech

April 20, 2007

Really there’s not much to say beyond what I assume you understand already. It’s tragic. It’s just heart-breaking.

Something hit me, something I wanted to share – what if an individual like this, who was so driven, wasn’t consumed by sin but was passionate about Christ? What could he have accomplished? What great potential was lost that day. And, in considering his life and inevitably his fate, we’re hit with the hard reality of hell. It’s clear he did not love Jesus; no, he hated Jesus, and now his soul is eternally apart from God. He’s in hell.

What’s harder yet for me to swallow is that people all around us are heading there. This is not a freak occurrence; it’s an epidemic. Something in us allows us to neglect the reality of the situation. Ask for the nations! Tell everybody! Do it!!! People need Him!