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Getting Uncomfortable

October 13, 2008

I had an interesting conversation in my Youth Small Group last night. I ended up saying that in order for God to show you what you need to work and where your character is weak, He needs to put you in uncomfortable positions. When you get in a comfortable place, your routine, you know the right answers to your everyday problems, you know how to act in a “Christian” way.

But, what happens when you’re out of your comfort zone? I started a new job about a month ago, and it really stretched me. I pride myself on being a friendly, humble person (yes, I see the contradiction already), but at this new job, I was shocked to see how critical I was of other people’s work and where the project stood. The fact is that the existing project, while it has its flaws, was a lot of work, and most of it is good work. I needed to get off my pedestal and do my part without even thinking the critical thoughts I had been voicing. We’re all in this together.

Here’s a conversation starter: pastors, how are you getting uncomfortable this week? I was listening to a sermon today (sent to me from Peter Horning, yeah!). The guy spoke with authority on the will of God, and I caught myself wondering how uncomfortable he got each week? Yeah, he studies the Word a ton, and yeah he’s challenged by getting up and talking and the counseling he does during the week. But, that’s his comfort zone, right?

Can anything be a comfort zone after a while? How often do you need a change?

Shout out to my friends: if I had to say the thing I admire most about you that I don’t see enough of in myself, it would probably be the way you constantly go do things, because you haven’t. Mike, you rock. Spence and Karl, tour was freakin amazing. Brian, too bad that year in Colorado never happened – it would have been awesome adventure to hang out together for an entire year with no plans. I need more randomness in my life.


Without his permission

March 15, 2008

Nothing like a good ‘stache.

I think Pete will forgive me. He may even thank me.

How honest are we being as a Church?

January 22, 2008

The secret to gaining customer trust in business is to be transparent. How often are translucent to our friends and family about church?

Put another way: do you think someone would respond to, “Hey, I’d like you to come to church with me. Honestly, you probably won’t like it at first, but I care about you, and you need to be there.”

It doesn’t get any more transparent than that.