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Memorizing John

March 20, 2008

Over the high school youth retreat, I had some pretty awesome times in John. I suppose it was a combination of God talking to me, me not remembering some pretty cool stuff in John, and just a simple revisiting of some awesome scripture.

So, something hit me that I should try to memorize it. So, I started.

I’m still treating this as experiment, because, wow, that’s a lot of scripture to memorize, but hey, the worst thing that can happen is I find it’s too hard, and I’ve only memorized a few chapters. Not so bad. Right now I’ve got verses 1-34 memorized in John 1, and I’m getting fairly good at recalling them by just their number (although Karl stumped me twice in a row on Monday – how humiliating).

I’ve been slacking majorly this week. I memorized the first 28 verses the first week after the retreat (last week), and I’ve only gotten another 6 under my belt (over the weekend). I’ve done basically nothing this week, so I need to get on it.

Anyway, I want to bring it up, because it’s finally hit me how cool scripture memorization is. You have it with you all the time. It’s amazing how often things come up already where I can say, “Hey! That’s like John ___”. I definitely encourage everyone to set aside 4 or 5 verses this week and memorize them. You’ll be amazed how easy it really is, and you’ll be reaping the rewards sooner than you think.

P.S. I would love to do this with our high school guys small group. 😀

P.S.S Yes, it’s sweet that I’m memorizing a book with my own name.


Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD

May 14, 2007

I’ve been learning a lot about the relationship part of relating to God. A few weeks ago I actually felt like we were talking back and forth by the way He orchestrated songs, tv shows,…just about everything, to tell me what He wanted to teach me. He rocked me.

Check this out: Genesis 6:6

The LORD was grieved that he had made man on the earth, and his heart was filled with pain.

Sometimes I picture God not as a friend or father that I can hurt but as a line that I am either on the right or wrong side of. It’s amazing that He speaks into our lives and cares deeply about how we think and act. Right before the flood, God was grieved by His creation, but something pretty remarkable happened: Genesis 6:8

But Noah found favor in the eyes of the LORD.

Noah’s actions and desires found favor in His eyes. He wasn’t perfect, but “was a righteous man, blameless among the people of his time, and he walked with God.” God really is a compassionate friend to us and delights in our victories.

Abram saves the day

May 3, 2007

Genesis is one of those books everyone “knows,” but we never spend much time with. Genesis, your wisdom astounds me.

Our hero is formally introduced in Chapter 12, where we see God’s calling over Abram. He takes his nephew Lot and sets out to take what God has given him. Quarreling arises in Chapter 13 between the herdsmen of Abram and Lot, who were both fairly powerful men. Here, Abram probably could have chastised Lot or his men and lord his position as uncle over them, but he doesn’t. He decides that it would be better to split up, because the land doesn’t support both of them, and actually gives Lot first choice of land. Pretty cool, Abram. Pretty cool.

In Chapter 14, though, Lot hits a rough patch and is captured. Abram comes to his rescue! How many times do we quarrel with someone and completely sever all ties to them. Even if you’ve left on good terms, it’s hard to put yourself out there and help someone you haven’t seen in a while. Here, Abram actually gathers his army and leads them to rescue Lot. Gee wiz.

And, the icing on the cake: Genesis 14:21-23. Abram refuses material possessions and wealth to completely be above reproach for his actions. By being content with what God had already given him, he had dismissed any future accusations of false motives.

1. Abram shows leadership and compassion in dealing with disputes.
2. Abram shows strength and humility in rescuing Lot after already parting ways.
3. Abram refuses wealth that God had not given him.

Abram, you’re a real American hero.